New Album by Johnny Clegg – King of Time

New album by Johnny Clegg - King of Time
Johnny Clegg – King of Time

Today, Friday 27 October 2017, brings the arrival of South African singer, songwriter, dancer, anthropologist, and melodic dissident JOHNNY CLEGG’s pristine collection KING OF TIME. The seven-track collection comprises of brand new original music from Johnny Clegg and the sound of the collection has a solid crossover pop feel to it.

The seven-track collection contains unique music from Johnny Clegg, one of South Africa’s most praised children, whose irresistible hybrid of music broke barriers in apartheid South Africa, and launched him into ears of the world.

Recorded over five months at Johannesburg’s B# Studios with top producers Denholm Harding, from Just Jinjer fame, and John Paul De Stefani, the collection has a solid half and half pop feel finish yet retaining Clegg’s signature sound. “This album was a chance for me to mix new music genres and add an African flavour to it,” says Johnny Clegg.

He was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 and underwent chemotherapy, however, he kept on touring locally and universally all through treatment, which included a nine-week tour through USA and Canada in 2016.

He has now released KING OF TIME to coincide with his global farewell tour, titled The Final Journey, which has seen him perform in London, Dubai, USA, Canada, and of course South Africa.

Johnny Clegg has an unparalleled collection of melodies which started with the arrival of Juluka’s Universal Men in 1979 and proceeded through the Savuka years, with his full body of work all falling under one label. The incredible album KING OF TIME incorporates songs which are being performed on The Final Journey Tour, including Color of My Skin, which has backing vocals by Angelique Kidjo, and I’ve Been Looking, the only song he has performed and co-written with his son Jesse Clegg.

You can listen to the album right here on Spotify:


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